Keyed and keyless flutes in Wood and Delrin

Every flute is made with great care and tested for the best results in sound quality and playbility.

The model is based on the classic Rudall & Rose english style (5 pieces) for a better profile of the internal bore, but it reaches the innovative concepts of the Pratten model flutes. This way both styles players can feel at home with this flute.

The flute can be provided with small, medium or large finger holes and small or large bore, according to the customer’s request.

The keys can be requested in silver, completely hand made and fully customized for every playing position.

There is a full assistance for every customer for LIFE. Every accidental damage can be repaired for free (shipping costs and materials for replacement excluded).

The flutes made in Black Acetal “Delrin” are pratically undestructible.

They can be played in every environment, from the coldest to the hottest; they will never crack. You don’t need to take care of them and you don’t need to oil them. The material has a particular type of “finishing” that gives the real appearance of a wooden flute. The Delrin flutes are made one by one with the same manifacture and care required by wooden flutes.

The quality of sound is the same as the wooden flutes, very hard to distinguish between them... and they can play even louder!