Keyless flutes in Delrin  


Materials :

Black Acetal Delrin

Model :

Rudall and Rose model (5 pieces), with large or medium size tone-holes Nickel-silver rings

Flute Pitch :

Keys of D, E flat, low B flat available

Head :

Tunable head (lined with nickel or brass) or not tunable head (partially lined with nickel)

Price :

400 € V.A.T not included

500 € V.A.T not included for B flat pitch

Student-type flute in Delrin  

3 pieces flute, with large, medium or small size tone-holes. Nickel-silver rings

Lighter in weight, customized tone-holes on demand, for short or small fingers. Not tunable head (partially lined with nickel).

Price : 300 € V.A.T not included


B Flat type flute
E Flat type flute
Wooden Case : 70 € V.A.T not included